Work at Home Online – Why I Love Being a Mary Kay Beauty Consultant

mary-kay-money-rewards-career-car-2668091Looking to work from home? Looking to work online at home? Should I sell Mary Kay? These are some of the biggest questions today. We all want to quit our jobs and live the life we want to live. We all want to work from home and do something online, but we don’t have a lot of money to startup a new adventure. Sure selling our junk on Ebay or Amazon works for a while, but then you run out of your what. But wouldn’t it be nice to actually own your own business? You can make your own hours, work when you want, and do this without a huge startup investment.

Becoming a Mary Kay Beauty Consultant, you do have all of this. You can work from home. You can work online. You can make your own hours. And it doesn’t take thousands of dollars to start your business! In actuality for the month of September, you can start with $50 or $85 instead of the original $100.

OK! Being in Direct Sales isn’t actually your own business, it is someone else’s product..but you do get to run the business as you want to. Nobody is telling you what to do and when to do it. In my book, that’s pretty much doing your own business. And of course when you have customers, they are YOUR customers supporting YOUR business. And the beauty of someone else’s product, you don’t have to worry about inventory, licensing, liability and all that goes with creating your own thing and then selling it. It’s already packaged up for you! You just sign up and get to making money. It’s that easy!

So back to why Mary Kay? I like the idea that Mary Kay is about helping women on so many levels. We help women feel great about their skin and makeup choices. And the business helps women gain confidence in choosing a career they can run for themselves. Mary Kay has also created a foundation for women, they help women in domestic violence situations, cancer research, how to talk to your teenagers. I mean this isn’t just a makeup company! I encourage you to read more about the company and their social responsibility.

So why did I choose Mary Kay when there are so many other direct sales companies out there to choose from you ask..I was invited to a Mary Kay meeting/event, tried the product, was pregnant, so my skin was going through so much. I purchased the timewise foundation and love it. It blends in and only takes a little bit of product to give medium coverage. I always thought Mary Kay was makeup for caucasian women and was dated, but I was wrong. They’ve come a long way and are always evolving. They are not just a makeup company, they are a company that sells beauty products. You can’t wear makeup, well, you shouldn’t wear makeup without nice skin. The Timewise miracle set is a MUST HAVE. They have many products that are affordable. When I found out I could sell the Products and make 50% on each sale and not have any mandatory obligations or quotas I was blown away.

I did some research about Mary Kay and what others were saying and there are a lot of different voices out there. So I’m going to answer to some of the negative misconceptions about the business.

Before I do, I want to you remember, when you sign up for your Mary Kay business, it is your business. No one is telling you what you should do. They are all your choices. So with that said, let’s shine some light on some of the negative responses I have seen about Mary Kay.

You hate home parties! You hate going to them, and the thought of having to this for your business bothers you!! You know what? ME TOO!! How funny is that?! Here I am a Mary Kay Beauty Consultant, and I have not performed a live skin care! Mary Kay and social media has come a long way in the past few years.

Many women, including myself, have taken to Facebook to do parties. Everyone is on Facebook anyways, why not get everyone gathered in a group..and do a party right there on the computer! You can generate a lot of sales, and meet a lot of wonderful women help with their skin care, and in turn get wonderful customers and friends!

You can do a YouTube video, start Twitter, Instagram and google+, write a blog. There are so many ways to promote your Mary Kay business than just traveling and doing home parties. Of course you can still do those, but if that was your only reason why you don’t want “to do” Mary Kay, there are alternatives.

The other big issue I see people bring up when they hear Mary Kay – Inventory! The notion that once you sign up, you HAVE to buy a crap ton of products, you have to have loads of inventory. That is not true. When I signed up I wasn’t obligated to buy into an inventory package. If you joined my team, I would recommend that you don’t either. You are given a choice when you sign on as a consultant if you want to buy an inventory package. You simply opt no. No problem. No one is going to pressure you or give you a hard time about it. If you choose, once you get going and start establishing a customer base, sure you can stock up on what you know your customers would want, but why chance buying stuff you have no idea if anyone wants it?! With the option of having your own website to sell from, I don’t see a reason to load up on inventory. I have a very small store of products I keep on hand, mainly for my customers I have near me, most of my customers are states away that I have met online or know from my hometown.


Startup costs and quotas. Another big question on everyone’s mind. Do I have to meet a quota? No, you don’t have quotas to meet. You are required to have one 225$ purchase every 3 months to be considered active (or once a year depending if you have team members). What is active? Active is so you can continue to earn a 50% discount on your products, or a commission when you sell something. If you have team members, you will want to stay active so you get a portion of their commissions as well. Without even trying you can sell about $200 a month. If you hold 2 facebook parties a month, you can triple this. So it’s not a hard number to reach.

The cost to join is typically $100 plus shipping and handling (For September, $50 or $85 plus shipping and handling). That’s it! Not a wallet buster!  And by the way, with that purchase you can get over 500$ worth of product and business tools! Most of the products are full size, so right from the start you can turn around and sell what you have in your kit!

You can opt to purchase your own website, which for new consultants it’s $30 a year. Not too painful is it?! Most other Direct Sales are the same setup. If you were to own your own business with your own products, the costs to start up would be out of this world!

Mary Kay is one of the highest commissions out there. 50% on each sale! Most others, including Avon is 20-35%, most others are lower than that. Mary Kay offers many career options that include bonuses, jewelry, trips, and cars..yes they still offer the pink Cadillac..and now a BMW and a few others! You can defiantly make a living selling Mary Kay products.

Besides great products that compete with what you will find in the Macys Department store, Mary Kay has 100% satisfaction guaranteed! What that means is, your customers can return or exchange any product they don’t like – and it doesn’t hurt YOUR bottom line! Can you do that anywhere else…return used makeup and get your money back or exchange it? I don’t think so! This allows you to provide great customer service!!

Why do I love owning my Mary Kay business? Because I’m in an expensive state with an infant and could never have too much money. You can make enough money to do the things you want! When you go to work, it’s online and it’s a party! You can schedule a party when you want to and enjoy meeting new women and their friends. I love getting to help women choose products that they end up falling in love with. I love that they trust me to help them. Very empowering.

Also, might I add, you don’t have to quit your current career or job unless you want to. Many Mary Kay Consultants work in other fields and/or are, college students. This is the perfect way to make money in college for books or classes. Think about it, you have access to thousands of people every day who need skin care products and makeup products without breaking the bank. You can be their consultant, meet new people, and get people to host pamper parties on campus to help you share your products and achieve your goals. You might also want extra money for Christmas gifts, Birthday gifts, Wedding gifts, a new phone; anything. Your goals can be achieved through your Mary Kay business. Why wait? If you would like to learn more about the Mary Kay business and join my team, Please follow the link and request more information! Discover What You Love

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